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A marine survey, being an independent evaluation of a boat’s value and condition, is an essential evaluation that any person wishing to purchase a boat needs to consider.   This is as a result of fluctuations realized in the Ontario watercraft market.  Even with the recent COVID-19 pandemic, this has been one of the hottest boat …
The picturesque lakes across Ontario contains thousands of stunning islands! Many fortunate islanders own beautiful cottages. A piece of paradise surrounded by water on all sides. What’s not to love!  You are assured privacy, peacefulness and a quiet utopia away from the busy city. While owning a cottage on an island is an investment, it …
It’s summertime. A time to take a step back from a face paced city life, take a boat ride, swim in warm lake waters, and enjoy tanning on your dock. But even with all these fun activities, the cost of owning a boat keeps rising. Maintenance, fuel, and even insurance is going up each year. …