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Boat Insurance in Ontario

When you, your family, and friends are on the water, you want to be protected. Whether you have a motor boat, sail boat, pontoon boat, or jetski, we will carefully review your needs so that your boat insurance in Ontario is uniquely adapted to your requirements. 

Save on your boat insurance in Ontario!

Boating course

Have you taken any boating courses? If you have taken a course of 30 hours of more, you can potentially save on your policy.

Bundle your policies

Additional discounts are applicable if you bundle your boat insurance in Ontario with your home, auto, or cottage insurance policies.

Anti-theft devices

Did you install an anti-theft device or a tracking device on your boat? You can potentially save on your premium if that is the case.

Marine survey

Obtaining an up-to-date marine survey will allow your broker to advise you on optimal coverage for your boat.

What else do I need to know about boat insurance in Ontario?

If you are storing your boat at a marina, they may require you to have an insurance policy with a minimum liability coverage.

If your boat is only used on a small private lake with little traffic, you can likely opt for a lower liability limit and a higher deductible to lower your premiums.

There’s a fine balance between too small of a deductible and too high. You should review your deductibles with your insurance broker on a periodic basis as you can save on your boat insurance in Ontario.

You should also obtain a marine survey, which is an important step prior to purchasing a boat. 

Optimal coverage at competitive rates

Our goal is that you have adequate boat insurance in Ontario so that when you’re on the beautiful waters, you are cruising with complete piece of mind! 

Let us advise you and provide you with tailor-made and comprehensive marine insurance in Ontario to ensure that you get the most competitive rates and save on your premiums. 

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