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ATV Insurance in Ontario

Some of Canada’s best ATV trails are located in Ontario. Scenic trails are located from Southwestern Ontario to North Bay!  Ontario ATV riders have the option to ride through dense forests, over the Ontario’s Canadian shield, and along unspoiled lakes. Where else in the world can you find thousands of kilometers of picturesque trails? 

Before you jump on your 4-wheeler and hit the trails, take a minute to review your insurance coverage to ensure that you have a comprehensive ATV insurance in Ontario that keeps you protected.

Commonly asked questions about ATV insurance in Ontario:

What influences the rate of my ATV insurance policy?

There are many factors that influence your ATV insurance premiums in Ontario. Some of these factors include: 1) The driving record of the principal operator; 2) The year it was manufactured and the size (CC); and 3) The amount of passengers it can carry. Keep in mind, if bundled with other insurance coverage you may qualify for discounts.

Does my driving record impact my ATV insurance premiums?

Absolutely! Have you been in an at fault car accident or have you received a speeding ticket recently? Your driving record is a factor that will impact your ATV insurance premiums.

If I ride my ATV only on private property, am I required to insure my ATV?

Whether you operate your ATV on private property or public roads, you’re at risk. Insuring your ATV will provide peace of mind in the event that you are the cause of an accident, injury to another person or damage their property. You may also include coverage for the cost of repairs or replacement if your ATV is damaged or stolen from your property.

Comprehensive coverage at competitive rates

Have you recently purchased an ATV in Ontario? Or, do you want to check whether you can get a better rate on your policy? 

Contact one of our licensed insurance brokers and let us advise you on a comprehensive ATV insurance in Ontario to ensure that you are protected! Our goal is for you to enjoy your ATV on Ontario’s beautiful trails with complete piece of mind. 

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