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Ontario Snowmobile Insurance

Come March, we are ready for winter to over and summer to arrive so that we can enjoy the outdoors!  Yet, for those of us that love winter and winter activities, Ontario is place where you can enjoy snowmobiling up to 6 months a year (sometimes!). Ontario boasts some world-class snowmobile trails. 

Before you jump on your ski-doo and hit the trails, make sure you are safe and protected with a comprehensive Ontario snowmobile insurance plan. 

Commonly asked questions about Ontario snowmobile insurance plans:

What influences the rate of my snowmobile insurance policy?

There are many factors that influence your snowmobile premiums in Ontario. The three most important factors are: 1) The driving record of the principal operator; 2) The sled size and power; and 3) The amount of passengers it can carry.

Do I need to maintain my snowmobile insurance coverage year-round?

Unlike an auto insuranre policy, insurance companies understand that snowmobiles are only used seasonally during the winter months in Ontario. For this reason, the annual premium you are charged accounts for this fact and that your snowmobile will be stored during the summer.

How can I save on snowmobile insurance in Ontario?

If you bundle your Ontario snowmobile insurance with an auto insurance policy in Ontario (and even better also with a home insurance policy), you can save on your premiums. Some of our customers have reported savings of up to 20% when bundling their snowmobile with their other policies. 

While we specialize in cottages, boats, ATVs, and snowmobiles, our insurance brokers can also provide you coverage for your home and auto. By looking at all your insurance needs, we can advise on the optimal coverage at the best price. 

Comprehensive coverage at competitive rates

Have you recently purchased a snowmobile in Ontario? Or, do you want to check whether you can get a better rate on your policy?  Contact one of our licensed insurance brokers and let us advise you on a comprehensive Ontario snowmobile insurance plan to ensure that you are protected!  

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