RV & Trailer Insurance

From Southwestern Ontario to Ottawa to Thunder Bay, Ontario is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes, lakes, and forests. This makes it a perfect destination for RVs and trailer owners. Hop in your RV and access to wilderness is plentiful and limitless.  Ensuring that you have a comprehensive Ontario trailer and RV insurance plan will ensure that your travel is stress-free. 

Ontario Trailer Insurance

You may think that your current auto policy will cover your RV or trailer. Even if your auto policy has some coverage, your RV, trailer, or motor coach, trailer will need special coverage that only an RV insurance policy will cover. 

Motorhome insurance plans are like two in one: home and auto. Auto insurance will protect you in case you get into a car accident or you have a road emergency.  If your motorhome is parked in a campground, additional coverage is required to protect you against theft, liability and other disasters.

Each RV owner has unique needs. We have crafted many Ontario trailer insurance plans that provide our customers with optimal coverage and piece of mind while they enjoy the roads less traveled! 

Commonly asked questions about Ontario trailer insurance plans:

Does an RV require auto coverage?

An RV or trailer is a recreational vehicle and since it can be driven independently (i.e. it does not need to be towed), it requires its own auto insurance policy.

What influences the cost and coverage of an RV insurance policy?

These recreational vehicles come in many varieties such as camper vans to bus conversions. They are generally organized in 3 classes: A, B, and C. The rate will largely depend on this classification, as well as how much you use it throughout the year (i.e. is it your full-time home?).

Do I need a seperate policy for my travel trailer that I tow?

No, a travel trailer is not required to have a seperate insurance policy from your existing auto policy. Since a travel trailer is towed, it is not the same as an RV. When towing your trailer, the liability extends from your auto policy. Once parked, your coverage ends and you will not be covered for the contents. For this reason, it may be wise to carry a seperate policy.

Comprehensive coverage at competitive rates

Have you recently purchased an RV in Ontario? Perhaps you already own an RV or trailer and you’re not sure if you have adequate coverage? 

Contact one of our licensed insurance broker and let us advise you on a comprehensive Ontario trailer insurance policy to ensure that you are protected. Our goal is that you have complete piece of mind and adequate protection. 

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